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I recently read that the living room used to be called the parlor in the late 19th Century, derived from the French word, parles, meaning to speak. The living room is the space in which people gather to socialize and talk, and I wanted to create a comfortable, welcoming environment in my own living room for friends and family to do the same.

One of our home’s best feature is the bay window in the living room that looks out onto the beautiful backyard. It’s like having a huge nature painting hanging there and I did not want to block that view at all.


A couple of caveats: the living room is far from done…hardwood floors WILL replace the carpet at some point (hopefully soon!) and I plan to get my cream (yikes!) slipcover sofas (probably the affordable Ektorp Ikea sofa) to replace the older grey set….but for now they’ll have to do. Once we get the floors, I’d love touches of blush, cream, wood and gold to fill the space (and have my eye on a rug like this).

The elements I wanted to pull in to achieve a rustic revival look were lots of wood and cream with gold accents, so I started with redoing my existing coffee table, adding some pillows from Wayfair and Tuesday Morning.


I wanted the artwork above the sofa to be colorful yet still flow with the room. I got prints from an artist that I love and put them in these Michaels frames. Now, math is NOT my strong suit so it took some rocket science to get these hung straight but I did it with the help of some gift wrapping paper and my tape measure! The pillows on the sofa below are from Wayfair.



Snagged two gold lamps, the first below is from Target and the second (my fave!) was from Home Goods.


The side tables above were a set from TJMaxx, but my favorite piece has to be the acacia wood cabinet from Home Goods:


There is an awkward space on this wall, where I put my huge (almost 4 feet) clock from Wayfair to fill out the emptiness. I am still on the hunt for the perfect chaise (but you have to say chaaayyyyze) to sit under the clock.


Like most of us, I am a fan of shiplap and think an accent wall where this clock is would be a perfect place for some white shiplap, but I’m still on the fence about where to put it. Thoughts?


The TV is currently an eyesore, but it will be mounted on the wall, under which I am eager to have a wood mantel or even a faux fireplace (tons of Pinterest tutorials butt I am completely in love with Dreamy White’s mantel here).


I HAD to get this round rug from Wayfair, but even at 6 feet in diameter it’s still a bit too small for the space. For now, it adds some texture to the space but it’ll likely end up living elsewhere when we get our hardwood floors installed.


As with most of my decorating, I like to start with a computer-aided design (CAD), and the following is what I came up with for the living room space.

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What do ya’ll think? Please continue to follow the blog as our parlour evolves into a space to inspire camaraderie and quality time.

I’ll leave you with Fall views from the bay window. Enjoy!



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