Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

I’ve always loved a room that brings the outdoors in, and our living/dining room space was designed to showcase the beautiful outdoors. It’s actually one of my favorite features in this house and the reason for the farmhouse-inspired elements. The very first “farmhouse-style” purchase we made when we closed on our house was a custom-built farm table. I’d wanted one for so long but never had the space, nor did it suit the more contemporary style my first home called for. Instantly I began the online pursuit for a farmhouse table that wouldn’t be too big for our smaller dining area, and yeah, too big for our budget. I found many beautiful options (some of my favorites being the Etsy shops WonderlandWoodworks and WeareMFEO, and this stunner from Overstock) that were just too much for the wallet.

I lucked up and found an Etsy shop (RusticCharmWoodworks) whose owner happened to be mere miles for me, with an excellent deal on his tables. After a few Etsy convos, the owner invited us to come and see the tables in person at his workshop and we loved them all. We gave the him the dimensions we wanted, the leg styles and stain we liked and in a week he personally dropped it off. Our table and bench were a steal at under $500 and I wouldn’t trade it for the world….except for maybe a ten-footer in a much bigger dining room. 😜

Because there were no windows on the west wall, I found these wood windowpane-style mirrors from Target to help reflect even more light. Now it was time to replace my modern Ikea chairs with something more ‘farmed’. Oh and the light fixture, while nice enough, is not my style and I am itching to switch it out (along with several others in the house) sooner than later.

Found at the trusty Target site, these Brookline Tufted dining chairs would be the inspiration for the light blue-green accents in the space.

It took quite a while to find the perfect wood chairs to complete the set, but Target (don’t sleep on Targay people) had great reviews for these French Country X-Back chairs in espresso. When they arrived they were solid, well-made and the finish matched the table quite perfectly.

Now, we plan to replace all the carpet with hardwood floors at some point (I.can’t.wait!) but I still needed a rug for the space in the meantime.  I found this mint blue Persian-style rug at Tuesday Morning for a steal!

I bought one bar cart in a gold finish from Target (my accent metal)…

…and  spray-painted the wine rack I had gold to match it…


… and anchored them each in a corner of the dining room. I had so much fun styling the bar carts and find that it’s just as much fun to continue switching things up. Cheers!

Love the rose-colored dried wreath and bundle below? Target has them!

A few tchotchkes from some of my favorite home decor stores (Vintage Blue [closed down sadly], Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx) plus one of my custom repurposed trays, complete the look.
  20150720_133315-01  20150719_192907

Finally, here is a before of the room, as the previous owners had it decorated.

And here is my After! Love it?


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