B&B-Style Guest Room

I’ve always loved the quaint and simple styling of Bed&Breakfast (B&B) rooms and knew that I wanted the guest room in our new home to reflect that homely, country experience for our guests.

When we first moved in this summer I had to throw something together for that room and used the furnishings we’d had in our old living in this room (most of which now decorate my son’s room–tour to follow someday soon). Here’s a pic of what the guest room looked like before:


While the room looked pretty and colorful, I was hell-bent on my B&B style room. It started with a fresh coat of a neutral, tan color (don’t know the name because it was a color-match for an old paint I’d once used).

It took me two days to paint the room alone, but I got ‘er done. Note: In the pic below, it looks like the ceiling was painted but it wasn’t…not sure what the lighting here did to create that illusion.


Next I scoured my favorite thrift stores to find a few pieces with character, including some lace curtains, throw pillows and the other items below that I found for a steal!


The architectural wood carvings were from Home Goods:



I actually found one of each of these birdcage-type items in two different stores, which make for a perfect set atop my Hobby Lobby iron hook-shelf:

Then added a vintage drawing (by August Von Munchhausen who was a New York-born artist famous for his pastels of The New York Ballet) that I’d thrifted last year and these two miniature gold thriftstore mirrors to create a classic wall vignette:




The pièce de résistance was the washboard vanity dresser that I got for an unbelievable $7.95 (yes, you read right!). While the mirror isn’t in the best condition, I’m in love with the dresser:

I ran out of my CeCe Caldwell white chalk paint so a quick trip to Home Depot resulted in me giving the Americana Chalky Paint a try…which btw, I really liked! It took several coats (4 to be exact) to get a good coverage on the dresser.


I replaced the old knobs with ones from Hobby Lobby…they fit perfectly! I also kept the dresser drawers unpainted because the wood grain was so pretty.


I then sanded the dresser and mirror to give it a worn look:



And because I love the dresser so much, I took a thousand pics of it, as I played around with styling, using some of my personal effects as well as thrifted finds:



img_20151229_095817.jpgHere are some shots of the room overall in its progress (I’ve been tweaking steadily mind you).

The oversized clock, crate stool, tattoo bamboo mat, and letterpress tray  were all Decor Steals deals (affiliate links). Eventually, I plan to replace the wrought-iron day bed with a farmhouse-style full-size bed, just right for the small room.

I know as things change (I definitely want to incorporate some rustic shutters at some point), I’ll update the Home Tour portion of my blog with more. Hope you liked my B&B-style guest room!