Catalyst for Creativity

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” Buddha

I’ve been actively working on thinking, feeling and imagining more positivity to balance all the tough times in recent years. One of the ways in which I do so is dedicating spaces in my home strictly to certain functions. Just as a kitchen is for cooking, I make my office/craft room a space dedicated to creativity. But because life shifted priorities around for me the last 6 months, my craft room had become more of a junk room–used to store my mother’s medical supplies and a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with. So my creative space became buried under a pile of responsibility that left no room for me to me to create anything.

My post, You Better Work!, gave you a teaser of what that space would look like (and was shared at a time when I worked from home), and now that I commute to work, this space is now strictly for all the creative things my brain can conjure up.

I designed the space to be colorful and graphic, marrying bright hues and black-and-white prints that make the room conducive to creativity.


If you’re an Ikea fan (stand up!), you’ll notice that many of the items in the room are from there. What’s more interesting, is that some of these items came from my first home–a small row house–in which this table served as my dining table (now is the perfect space to sew, use my Cricut, or wrap gifts), the rug was in my living room, and the fabric-covered canvas was in my basement.


Another Ikea staple is the popular cubed shelf, of which I have several that serve as the perfect storage and work space.  And above that hangs a painting of mine that reminds me of looking through a window out into a blue sky over a garden full of flowers.


If you’re not a painter, a quick and easy way to create art is to use fabric and staple it over a canvas or board. The two graphic prints in this room were both made using fabric from Ikea.


My magnetic board is not only useful in storing my favorite ribbons and ropes, but is constantly redecorated to inspire me to keep being creative.

This space may not be the perfectly decorated space, but it never fails (when it’s clean and organized) to lift my spirits when I walk into its bright cheeriness.  What’s your favorite part of your workspace?


4 thoughts on “Catalyst for Creativity

  1. Your creativity in addition to being inspiring, is pleasantly infectious!!! It reeks of simplistic artistic concepts that anyone can borrow/copy to infuse life into their home, and office spaces!!! Seems like your recent ‘tough times’ has birthed more inspiration! IKEA owes The Farmed House, girl! Wo Ai Ni!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. It’s been years since I’ve stepped inside ikea… but this burst of creativity is awesome.. makes me want to visit. I really like the black&white painting. The burst of colors are so refreshing!


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