Lamp Revamp

Why buy brand new when (most times) all it takes to give a piece of furniture a new look involves a trip to the thrift store and experimenting with paint?

This old lamp has been itching for a makeover and with sunny spring days come the urge to make something over. I’d once given its black base a gilded look and it worked well enough for a while.


Something was still missing though, so as soon as I came across this gorgeous wallpaper from the thrift store I knew it would make a remarkable lampshade.


I cut the wallpaper to size and adhered it to the lampshade (using only tape so that I can easily switch up the look if I choose to).


I was really happy with the update but now the gold base didn’t quite suit the new shade. I grabbed a can of neutral/tan/gray spray paint and updated the base:


The color still quite isn’t speaking to me so I guarantee you I will change it yet again (hey, it’s a girl’s prerogative, right?). I don’t quite have the right shade of green but was playing around with some swatches:


Not quite right, still! I have a feeling that either an antique white or matte black will be the best options. But for now, this’ll do.

Happy Thrifty Thursday, ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Lamp Revamp

  1. That is just beautiful! And whaaaat you scored that at a thriftstore? I love the black floral pattern, so bold. I think the matte black would look so great! I can’t wait to see what you pick, I’m sure it will be great!

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