A Fling With Spring

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Ana茂s Nin

Spring is the harbinger of new beginnings, reincarnation, and resurrection. It awakens the hibernating soul and breathes new life into house and home.

As I packed away a few of my lingering Winter decor, I used the greens peeking in from outside and the daffodils popping up everywhere as inspiration for adding a few touches of Spring inside my home.

The mark of Spring is colorful flowers–so what better way of welcoming guests to our home than these pretty paper flowers from Target. Now, they are not for use outdoors but I sprayed some poly on them and am keeping my fingers crossed that that’s enough weatherizing to protect them.

Target also sold this garland of the same paper flowers, which I’ve draped in a few places to find its best home for the season:


What’s Spring without the popular succulents? Oh, and for those that know me, you know I have a black thumb and even succulents succumb to it. So, for now, I use faux plants to give the illusion of greenery and life in my home. Sue me. 馃槢聽 You can find an amazing selection of succulents here at Target.


Speaking of faux plants, I used chalk paint to give some plain white blossoms a blush pink hue to go with some of the other blush items that give a fresh look throughout the living space:


And of course, a shelfie:

As for the kitchen, whites, yellows and greens made their appearance to brighten the space:


I love the way Spring looks in the living/dining room:


Happy Spring everyone. Cheers to new beginnings!


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3 thoughts on “A Fling With Spring

  1. I love the EGGciting display Representing a beginning
    Another meaning of Spring
    A new day,
    An eggciting way
    A rejuvenation
    I must mention!
    Thanks for caring,
    And for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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