Basket Case

Another Thrifty Thursday installment showcases how I took some plain wicker/wood baskets from tattered to transformed, all with the magic of paint.

There were so many more baskets to choose from but I ended up with these three diamonds in the rough. All three were to be additional storage under our kitchen island but were so plain that I wanted to jazz them up a bit.


So here’s what I did: I taped off half of the first basket (really loved the wood on this one) and used the Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen White to paint it half white.


For the next one, I loved the wood grain on that puppy so much that I wanted to do a more distressed look. I used the same paint and lightly brushed strokes over the wood on the outside and a heavier application on the inside:


The last basket was the largest. It came in white already but I gave it a fresh coat of paint. Loving the half-and-half look, I used my CeCe Caldwell’s Hickory Stain+Finish to stain the bottom half of the basket to give it a woodsy look.


With my baskets’ new makeover, they looked beautiful under the island where I threw our water bottles, and some of the placemats in them. I think I want to change one to a kitchen linen laundry basket though.


These look like they cost way more, or came from a store like Home Goods or Target. Thank the Lord for thrift stores, a little imagination and elbow grease! Happy Thrifting!





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