Thrift Store Transformations

Like most of you who will be reading this, I love a good deal. The thrift store is one of those places that never fails in providing me with a steal on home accessories.

I can literally stroll the aisles of a thrift store for hours (I make a first pass, then go back over each aisle with a fine-tooth comb). Rolling solo (the only way to go for a mission like this) and the new RiRi album playing in my ears, this week I went in to look for a few baskets for my kitchen (will post another day about those finds and transformations). I was focused on a specific search until I came across some really pretty pottery. With the first one in my cart, my expedition turned into a hunt for more pottery. I had a vision of painting them all white to create a collection.

Here are my pottery plunders:


While these were pretty enough as is, I decided to leave only a peek of some of the old. Incidentally, I painted these using Krylon’s chalky finish spray paint, my first time ever, and it wasn’t bad at all!


I used a gold-leaf pen to add a few touches to a couple of the vases and ended up sanding the smallest one which had some texture on the surface…and voila!


Have you transformed anything from the thrift store that you love? If so, care to share?


P.S. If you love the wood stand and gingko leaf, you must check out Agnes Watt, which has the most beautiful items. Happy Thrifting!



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