Ditch Your Plans

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little in that title, but the point is no matter what plans we make in life, there will always be detours, obstacles and alternate routes. No amount of planning we make can completely prepare us for some of the biggest hurdles we face, so instead of only focusing on planning, we need to also focus on being agile and flexible.

As a solution-focused person, planning is inherent to me. As I mature (a woman now in her early 40s), I realize that life is made of of 1 part planning, 1 part dreaming and 2 parts timing (God’s timing at that).

In church the other day, the pastor talked about the five Ps of receiving your Pay Day.

  1. Prayer
  2. Partnership
  3. Preparation
  4. Planning
  5. Performance

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life, those five things are a prerequisite to receiving your physical or spiritual Pay Day.

As I move deeper into 2016, with big plans for my personal and professional life, I will do my best to intentionally adhere to the five Ps. I’ll pray on any decision, I’ll partner with people who can uplift, inspire and mentor me, I’ll prepare for most outcomes so that I’m flexible enough to adjust as plans change, I’ll plan my聽 road map so I don’t feel completely lost, and when it’s time to act, I’m going to perform my butt off!

All that said, I am still a planner at heart. So to help me organize my ideas and goals for the year (how to grow my blog, starting an online shop, interior design services…it’s all so much!), I ordered a Plum Paper planner. What I loved about this company was the personalization of the layouts and options to add more of what I needed. I started with the Monthly Planner, had my monogram and blog name added to the cover, then chose the option to add dispersed checklist pages (I use those a lot!), notes pages, and (the best!), a blog planning section. Take a peek:


So off to plotting and planning (and yes, saying the Serenity Prayer all the while) to make the most out of 2016!

Have you a favorite planner? Share yours with me in the comments below.





4 thoughts on “Ditch Your Plans

  1. Can’t do anything without planning my day with a to do list that goes with me everywhere. I check it often through the day and cross off completed items. If I do not do something that day, it moves onto the next clean sheet. My book is pretty pink with beautiful pink and white swirls. It makes me happy to look at it so I don’t focus on the to do list as chores; it reminds me that I’m a woman on a mission everyday, but it also reminds me that I can take time to play and change the to do list if I feel like it 馃檪

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