You Better Work!

Monday mornings. Most of us dread its arrival, wonder where the weekend went, and reluctantly head to work to start another week of the grind.

I’ve been fortunate to work from home for the last few years, and with our new home, came a new home office for me. I wanted my office to be bright and cheery, to inspire me every day to get up and put my best foot forward.

Here’s a peek at the prints and colors I use in my office (full tour to follow someday soon).


Okay, on to some decor talk. When my Decor Steals stencil set arrived, I was eager to make a sign.  I pulled some crown molding scraps from my pile and painted the back of it chalk white. I then traced the letters for a sign for my office out and used my oil pens to fill in the letters. Easy as pie! These stencil letters were the BEST stencils.  No mess, no muddy lines and oh-so-rustic-looking (with the cutest wood storage box).

Now, in case I ever forget that my office is right next to my bedroom, I have a sign to show the way :-P. (I keed!). Excuse the work-in-progress mess. Still so many upgrades needed (including the old light fixtures that I can’t WAIT to replace).



Happy Work Week!

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