DIY Blanket Ladder

It’s been a while since my last blog post…I’ve been down with the flu or some other nasty bug. What better way to get back on my feet than to jump into building something! Ladders: They’re all over the Interwebs–rustic ones, industrial ones, all used to add charm to the farmhouse home. Many are used to house blankets and throws. They’re a lovely use of such a simple household item and I wanted one of my own. To make things more interesting and add a story to it, I wanted to build my own.

It was a fairly simple project, having done a smaller one for outdoors a few months ago. This time, I new I wanted square lumber, and found some with a beautiful grain at Zimmerman’s Ace Hardware store. For $2.50 each, I got two eight-footers and the Hubs and I cut them down to the desired size (we did 4′ tall and 1.5′ rungs).


With several stains and waxes in my arsenal, I used some scraps to test out the best finish for the wood. The CeCe Caldwell’s Hickory Stain + Finish won (as usual–I love that product!).


I mean, just look at the grain in this baby!


Because we didn’t have nails long enough for the nail gun, we hammered in the rungs with nails. It looks a bit crude but suited the rustic old look we were going for…and voila! Our very own blanket ladder, made with sweat and love!


I folded a few of my favorite throws on her, and almost wished I’d made an even taller ladder, but there’s always next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Forget being taller, she fits perfectly in our little seating nook in the living room (ignore the eyesore TV that still needs to be wall mounted):


If you’re seeking an oversized clock like the one pictured below, you can snag it here on Wayfair as well as the Marguerite Area Rug by Lark Manor here.


Happy Building!

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