Tick Tock

Today marks exactly six more months until I turn 42 years old. Where has the time gone??

When I was little, I considered my parents so old when they were in their 40s, and now, as karma would have it, so does my own son. Ha! I don’t feel or look old, with the exception of the plethora of grays populating my scalp and the fact that my joints now hurt at the slightest of activities. I welcome aging, for the most part. After all, I’ve gotten more confident, wiser and more comfortable in knowing who I am and what my life’s purpose is.

The only thing that scares me about aging is how fast time now flies by. Just the other day my 16-year-old son was born as we celebrated Y2K and now here we are in 2016. My mortality is that much more real when I realize that the calendar and clocks are now signaling that half my life has passed. The hours, days and months zoom by and I can’t help but ponder even more how I want to spend this second and last half of my life. If there is a time to start thinking about taking risks and making even more of my dreams come, now is the time.

In honor of my musings on time and how it waits for no man, here are some of the clocks in our home; all of which are a constant reminder to live each moment like it is my last.

Clock 1: Home Goods

Clock 2: Oversized clock, Wayfair

Clock 3: Pedestal Clock, Decor Steals

Clock 4: Kensington Clock, Decor Steals

*This post contains affiliate links. But please note, the Decor Steals product links are likely sold out because their selection is just that awesome! Make sure to sign up for Decor Steals so that you don’t miss out on some unique home decor accessories.

And the most magnificent timekeeper of them all is the sun…



3 thoughts on “Tick Tock


    What is time?
    Why doesn’t time wait for anyone? Is it because its not a respecter of persons?
    How is time curative?
    How does time fly. Does it use wings, a plane, or spacecraft?
    Can one buy time? If so where? If not why?
    Who sells time? On line, or in a brick and mortar store?
    Is time cheap or expensive?
    How does one save time, and where?
    When saved, where, and how is it spent?
    Can time be spent?
    Can it be wasted? How?
    Can it be kept? For how long?
    Who, or what keeps time, and where?
    Would it deteriorate, or appreciate?
    Can one use it up?
    Is time shareable?
    Is filling time better than wasting it?
    Is time long, short or limitless?
    How does time relate to moment, movement, and space?
    Can time be a piece, or a whole?
    Time Equivalency
    Two ticks equal shortly!
    How long is shortly? Twice as long as a piece of string!
    How long is a piece of string?Twice as long as it is from the center to one end!
    When is time good?
    Can time be bad?
    How do you bide time?
    Can you mark it?
    What would one use to mark it?
    When is time sensitive?
    Can you clock time with a watch, or piece?
    Who clocks time anyway, and why?
    When is time necessary?
    Can time be divided?
    What are the smallest and largest units of time?
    Is infinity, or forever a unit of time?
    Can time be on your side? Which side, right, or left?
    When is time useless, or irrelevant?
    How does it relate to space?
    Can time be killed, if so how, and with what?
    A gun, blunt or sharp instrument, hands, electrocution, hanging, guillotine, or lethal injection?
    Why not let it live on?
    Is there a time to love, and a time to hate?
    Can time be taken to do something, know, or forget something or someone?
    To be or not to be?
    When is time precious?
    When is it essential?
    How critical is time?
    Should one go against time, or be on it?
    When should one go before it, or behind it?
    What part of your body can you have time on, hand, side, or face?
    Can you face time, or ‘FaceTime’?
    What do you need to FaceTime, your eyes, or an iPhone?
    If you tell time, will it tell, in time?
    When is it ever time, or is there ever, time?
    Can you lose, gain, or find time, if so, where and when?
    Which do you prefer, war time, or peace time, and why?
    Can one manage time, call time out, have “call” time?
    If you delay, will time?
    Is time the essence of life, or vers versa?
    When time slips by, does it continue to go by?
    It takes time, what is ‘it’?
    Is ‘it’ everything?
    What doesn’t take time?
    Dying does, but does death?
    Does time take time?
    When is time perfect?
    Is it in the ‘timing’?
    Where do you go for “Free” time?
    “Time is! Man marches on!”
    Dr. Moses Kronyanh Weefur, Senior
    One of his famous saying.
    Nim 9/11/13

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  2. I love all the shots. And I agree with you, the scariest part of each birthday is the fact that time IS flying so fast! I have no clue where the last couple of years went, but I guess it’s up to us to make the most of each day!


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