Getting Organized (New Year Resolution #1)

The New Year signals the start of cleaning and/or reorganization and setting the stage for all the planned work for the upcoming year. Much like spring cleaning, there’s no better way to be productive and get stuff accomplished than getting your house in order.

One of my favorite rooms in our new house isn’t the fanciest…it is the unfinished part of the basement that came with a huge workbench. As a craftswoman at heart I’m always redoing a piece of furniture or DIYing the heck out of something, so that space is where I get my creative on. 

Between my tools and my husband’s (who has more car tools than anything) we had about three toolboxes and bins of miscellaneous tools everywhere. In an effort to help me get organized for “big tings” to come this year (more to come on that soon), the Hubs bought, cut and hung peg boards from Home Depot over my work table for our tools. Looking at our stock makes me want soooo many more tools that will allow us to do better projects around the house. This was such a simple project that made a huge impact in getting me organized for the New Year. What have you done to get your space organized for your ventures?



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