Christmas Curb Appeal

Because first impressions are everything, it made sense to start my Christmas decorations on the outside. Now, I don’t plan to do much (no large lit Santa or reindeer on the roof here) but I want passersby to know someone who takes pride in her home and loves the holidays lives here. ๐Ÿ™‚

A quick trip to Michaels (50% off Christmas decor today!) and a few wintery foliage later the front of the house was transformed from Fall to Winter (even if not yet technically Winter) just like that.



My favorite piece is the rustic ladder that was built by yours truly! I’m so proud at me and my husband’s first attempt at carpentry using our brand new Kobalt mitre saw. He showed me the basics with a few cuts and then I finished off cutting, assembly and sanding and staining (using Cece Caldwells Hickory stain and finish). I measured perfectly so that it would fit to the left of the door and attached a tiny wreath to it for a farmhouse chic look. I’m absolutely in love and can’t wait to make more of these!



Happy Christmas/Winter decorating!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Curb Appeal

  1. I love the rustic ladder look! I couldn’t really tell if it was tapered or not (wider rungs either ascending or descending)! That would be cool!
    Also like the “full quarts” rustic crate/box on castors idea!


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