(Thanksgiving) Dinner is Served

The spirit of Thanksgiving lives in the name of the holiday itself…giving thanks. Gratitude is something we all strive to have in our hearts and minds, and on our tongues every day of the year but it’s also nice to honor our thanksgiving during the time of year that represents the harvest before new beginnings.

If there’s one thing I like best about the holidays, it’s not the shopping deals (which are great to find), or the gifts given (I appreciate them), but it’s the quality time spent with family (the most precious gift of all).

With the recent purchase of our beautiful new home, for the first time in my life, I have an honest-to-God real dining room table (meaning, not bought from Ikea), with actual silverware (a beautiful set given to my by my mother-in-law) and gorgeous plates (not quite China, but nicer than everyday dishes.) The best part of it all isn’t just how pretty my tablescape looks as I decorate it for our first Thanksgiving in the new home, but it’s how beautiful my family’s faces will look sitting around the table.

Today, I am thankful beyond words for everything in my life, the good, the bad, the ugly (and the pretty!), and I hope we all have something to be thankful for this season.

Now, about my purrrty table (can you tell I love it?) I bought two sets of dishes from Target (one scalloped in white and another design in cream) to mix and match, as well as two sets of cloth napkins and hyacinth placemats from Pier 1. I wanted there to be texture and layers and hues of neutrals to reflect a natural look for my table setting.



The table at night is dreamy….


Happy Thanksgiving!

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