Last Hurrah (of Fall Decor)

Now I fully realize I’m one of the few who refuse to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving (and, yes, I realize bloggers have to do it to get ahead of the game) but I look forward to savoring what’s to come for Christmas decor. In the meantime, a day before Thanksgiving, I’m still adding touches of Fall and Thanksgiving decor before tomorrow.

My go-to craft is the paper dot garland, which is so easy to make but has such a pretty impact. Using my trusty Cricut Expression 2 (I love this machine!), I cut out both plain and lacy circles in neutral tones and on different paper types then stitched them in a garland on my sewing machine.


Once done, drape them wherever and however your heart desires (love my clock? Get it here on Wayfair):


Another one of my favorite crafts is the bunting or pennant. I made this one (using the Cricut to cut the letters out) for the pumpkin spice cake I’ll be baking for tomorrow:


And here’s a TBT one from last year’s holiday, made with Washi tape:


Thanks to Julie Blanner’s blog post “Thankful For Cards” I printed out on gold and cream paper some of the lovely free “Grateful” and “I am Thankful for…” printables so that family can write their thoughts down and share with each other.


Lastly, my TJMaxx clearance chalkboard arrow post came in handy to welcome guests.


I hope your Thanksgiving is full of laughter and love!

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