“Steal” Magnolias

How beautifully classic are the Magnolia leaves so many of us use in our holiday decor? Not only are they gorgeous, from the leaf to the flower, but they can be costly too, so I was thrilled to find our new home had a Magnolia tree out back. DIY, baby!

When Fall first arrived, I plucked a few leaves andΒ  used them around the house (see photos here), but when I came across View Along the Way’s blog post, I had to try her tutorial. Thankfully, there were still a few leaves on the tree for me to create this messy shabbyshine wreath.

To start off, I spray-painted the leaves copper (ran out of gold spray-paint, go figure):


At first I attempted to hot-glue-gun the leaves to my wreath (#epicfail) and the hot glue began to melt off the spray-paint, which is how I turned lemons into lemonade. I took a light sandpaper to the leaves and “distressed” them so they have what I like to call a shabbbyshine look:


I ended up using straight pins to attach the leaves to my straw wreath base and voila!


Because they are living things, a day later, they began to curl (and I’m sure they will dry out pretty fast, so maybe next time a floral foam wreath base will be better), so the leaves ended up in a curly messy way, which I kind of like actually:


Still playing around with where I want to display this, but it looks pretty with some candles inside (I would use a hurricane vase to prevent a fire though):


With so few leaves left on the tree, I barely had enough to cover the entire wreath so the straw base shows through (not necessarily a bad thing considering I’m using this mostly for Thanksgiving decor):


And there you have it…she’s far from perfect, but then again, who is. Happy Thanksgiving week ya’ll!



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