Feeling Grateful

As we approach Thanksgiving this Thursday, my heart is filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life. This year, I have taken the leap of faith to further pursue my dreams (never too late even at 41!). As I decorated my dining room table for the holiday (and my family’s traditional Thanksgiving brunch), I wanted to reflect my light-hearted feelings of gratefulness and all the bounty that God has blessed me and my family with.

I wanted to use items that would easily translate into Christmas decor (really excited to start decorating for Christmas but had to wait until after Thanksgiving). I purchased some birch pieces (perfect for both Fall and Winter seasons) from Michaels along with some other goodies there:


I bought the base runner from Pier 1, and added a simple burlap roll from Michaels for some layering.

(If you love my dining set, read this post to see where I got it from.)

These adorable mini pumpkin placecard holders from Wayfair made the perfect stand for the phrase Thank You in several languages (I painted the pear gold and copper to match my color scheme–it was eggplant):



The faux green herb leaves from Michaels were (not-so-easy) to clip and attach to the hurricane vase with some wire (if anyone has a better way to accomplish this, please share–this was harder than I thought it would be!):


The centerpiece was created from a plastic pumpkin with the top open, and some wood flowers, fir and pine cones greenery, and wheat–all from Michaels.


I played around the configuration (ended up removing the two mini fir trees from the ends and adding my chalkboard Thank Yous) and lit the candles last night to see how serene it all looked:


And when I awoke this morning, I loved coming down stairs to see the sunlight spilling onto the table.


Some additional views as I was setting her up last night:


I hope your week is filled with as much gratitude as mine is. And don’t forget to share how you’re decorating your Thanksgiving table. Grazie!

*This post contains affiliate links


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