To Paint or Not to Paint (the Ceiling, that is…)

That is the question. Well, my answer wasn’t quite as bold and brave as the photo below, but I love the choice I made to add a subtle statement piece to our living space.

Inspired by this photo (via The Home magazine) I went on a mission to find the right shade or tint of a blueish-greenish hue for the ceiling.


The pressure was on! I had to pick right the first time because I was not going to put my painter-friend through an arduous re-do. After a lot of research online (Blogs, Pinterest, Houzz etc) I settled on what seems to be a fan favorite: Sherwin William’s Rainwashed SW 6211.

Image 11.jpg

Word on the (blog) street was that it changes colors between mints and pale blues depending on natural/artificial light, day/night and even room size…and indeed they were correct.

So while my painter-friend likely thought I was nuts, it was decided. And even as he started one corner (a test spot in case I wanted to pull the plug, he said), I was a little nervous about the results.


A great piece of advice that he gave me–which thankfully we found to be true–was that when you walk into a room that’s painted anything but white, generally you don’t always want a bold paint choice to be the first thing that’s noticed.



Here are some before-and-afters (before being the listing photos):



Nevertheless, I am thankful we love it, and it makes for a unique feature in that space. One of these days, I plan to settle on a choice for the walls–something in an antique white or beige that will look great with the ceiling paint, and the eventual wood floors and cream sofas (if you have recommendations, I’d love to hear them in the comments below).

Happy Friday!


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