Foraging for Foliage (and Other Fall Decor)

I love shopping…especially for home and holiday decorations, but I don’t always decorate with store-bought items. Sometimes, it’s just more fun to make or tweak things for your holiday decor. Between revamping pumpkins and foraging in my backyard for foliage, I had more than enough to add to my Thanksgiving/Fall decor.

I was thrilled to find out the home we bought had a Magnolia tree in the backyard. As soon as Fall hit, I snagged a few leaves to attempt a project. You’ll need some floral foam for fresh flowers to allow the leaves to live longer (and it stands them in place) and arrange them in your favorite container to make one (or many) centerpieces.


I stitched a few leaves together on my sewing machine to make a simple garland, which I draped over my wine cart. Had I seen this awesome gold leaf tutorial from the View Along the Way blog, I would have surely tried it…only now all my magnolia leaves have fallen off the tree :-(. Next year….


I also snipped some foliage off of one of the several fir and other bushes in the yard. Because little critters live off of these, I found some natural ways of killing them before I put them in my home (didn’t do that once, and there were all these tiny caterpillars in the tray–no bueno!).



Pumpkins are the quickest and easiest way to add touches of Fall to your home. Both chalk paint and chalkboard paint are two of my favorites to use on pumpkins. The latter also gives you the freedom to write or draw on your pumpkins to your heart’s desire.



When the acorns started falling in abundance in our backyard (and I mean, it was raining down acorns for a while and one would almost need a hardhat just to go out back), I collected quite a few and was inspired by this Instagram post to gild my own acorns. Most of the acorn caps came off, so I separated them all, spray-painted the nut part gold, then glue-gunned the tops back on. These were my favorite project of them all. Don’t you just love these?



Have you done any cool holiday decor projects from items right in your backyard you’d like to share? Do so in the comments below.




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