Farmhouse Hack

Styles often change and when they do, there’s no reason why our existing furnishings can’t change with them. Here’s a great example of how I took an Ikea nesting coffee table from plain to contemporary then to Farmhouse Fresh, as my style evolved to match my new home.


Many of us have seen the VITTSJ脰 Ikea nesting table hacked in a number of gorgeous ways (check some out on Pinterest). It’s a plain black table with glass tops on both tables. Here’s what it looked like in my old living room.


The first thing I did with mine at my old house (which had a more bohemian look), was paint the base shelf white using chalk paint. This brightened the table a lot and worked well in our old living room.



When we bought our new home though, I knew I would have a more rustic look in the living room with lots of wood in my accent furniture. So instead of buying a new coffee table (which I still plan to do at some point), I decided to tweak the table yet again to suit my rustic revival look.

After a few measurements and the Hubs making a quick trip to Home Depot for some wood (which Home Depot cut to the size of the base shelf), I busted out my trusty CeCe Caldwell’s stain + finish in Hickory.


One note to remember if you try this, make sure the thickness of the wood matches the thickness of the existing Ikea shelf so that it sits flush (mine doesn’t quite, but it’s good enough as a temporary fix).

Here’s my Farmhouse Hack in the flesh…


I played around with replacing the glass top of the smaller table in wood too (bottom right pic in the following collage), but preferred just the bottom shelf in wood and put the glass top back.


Happy Hacking!


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