Hooked on Home Decor

Hello, my name is Teri and I am hooked on home decor. I recently discovered the site Decor Steals, and nearly every day since, my most anticipated email is their 10 am alert letting me know there’s a new home decor item up for steal. The site is dangerous, I tell you. I have to convince myself on a daily basis that I don’t need another rustic crate or galvanized tin organizer. I’m not going to lie…I’ve fallen off the wagon several times and when my husband notices new pieces around the house all he can do is sigh. “It was so inexpensive though!” I justify to him. To make matters worse, there is a flash deal in the afternoon that is also emailed out so make sure you sign up for the newsletter….their stuff moves like lightning!

There will likely be a monthly post of all the goodies I’ve snagged from the site, but here is a peek at the first batch and how I’ve incorporated some of them in my home decor.

First up is the rustic chic bird cloche (set of two, L and S). They come with a hurricane vase inside for candles, but feel free to put whatever your heart desires in them.

20151116_092500-01 20151113_172238-01


Because I love pops of white in my kitchen, I used some white chalk paint to brighten one of them and distress it so the metal peeks through.


This stackable distressed metal cake stand was my first Decor Steals purchase ever!


I can see using them for parties to display hors d’hoevres or cakes or cupcakes, as well as showcasing seasonal decor like this fabric French Country pumpkin from Marshalls.


Who doesn’t love a crate revamped? This yardstick crate set (3 of them nested) comes in handy for many uses around the home. One of them made a perfect home for my spices and oils.



Lastly, the most recent delivery was chalkboard paddles (set of two), both of which were large enough for me to write happy messages just in time for Thanksgiving.


So consider yourself forewarned….even though they have great prices on their items, once you sign up for Decor Steals, your wallet is going to get a hurtin’. Happy Home Harvesting!

*This post contains affiliate links.


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